About us

It all began with an idea.

I remember having so much fun growing up. My brothers and I used to squabble over almost everything; we still do! We love to laugh and debate in my family. Playing outdoor sports, computer and board games developed a healthy rivalry between us. My love for board games carried on into my teens when I was in boarding school.

We played all kinds of games whenever boredom set in. The larger the group, the more interesting things got!

The board game concept for Noun Nation! came to me early in 2019. I had a skeletal version of a game in my mind. I did some research to see if there was anything like it out there and found nothing that was as unique as my idea.

I got to work on bringing my idea to life. I wanted a phrase that embodied the game but also described what it was about: something fun and catchy, a word or phrase that announced itself. After brainstorming a few sessions, Noun Nation! popped into my mind and the name just stuck.

I went to the store and bought some cardboard, paper and glue to make a box. I wrote a set of rules and designed all the other elements of the game. I told my childhood friend Stephen about Noun Nation! and he recommended Innovate. We were introduced to the product design team and a year later, they helped turn my patchwork game box into the first marketable prototype. The rest, as they say...is history.

I am so glad to share my experience with you and I hope Noun Nation! brings you much fun and laughter as it still does for me and my family every time we play.

Thank you and don't forget to shout... Noun Nation!

Ayo (Founder & Creator)